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The Steering Committee meets each year to develop the following year’s schedule and discuss the Tri-Life agenda, program schedules, exercises, possible changes, staffing, etc. 


In order to staff the 8-Day Tri-Life Leadership Training, it is mandatory that you attend a New Staff Training Meeting.  Additionally, it is highly recommended that you attend the following: The 3-Day Homework Review Meeting and/or the 5-Day Homework Review Meeting (depending on the session/s you are staffing). The 3-Day and 5-Day Homework Review Meetings take place before each 8-Day Tri-Life Leadership Training in order to prepare for the program and review any changes that may occur.  You may choose to staff only the 3-Day session or only the 5-Day session of TLT, or both sessions.  During the program you will be assigned duties appropriate to your level of training, and the staff administrator will discuss your comfort level for particular exercises. Although we often like interested persons to continue on with training, you are free to staff the program with these training meetings.

If you would like to increase your skills sets, we will be offering Coaching Skills and Primary Skills Trainings in rotation. Dates for these trainings can be found on the Staff Calendar. A brief description of each is as follows:

Coaching Skills:  Empathy, Boundaries and Transference, Program Exercises

Primary Skills:  Cycle of Floorwork, Floorwork Methods, Floorwork Skills and Working with Impasses

Once you have completed the sequence (the trainings can be taken in any order), you will find that your abilities during staffing will be enhanced. These skills are necessary to assume secondary or primary roles. However, Aldo and Maureen will decide when it is appropriate for you to assume these roles. Please understand that you can take one or all of the skill sets and will not be pressed to primary. This is a mutual decision between you and the facilitators.

Information on Going Deeper:

In response to requests for a refresher course or the possibility of doing larger pieces of work than Focus Group will allow, we are happy to announce:
Going Deeper will be held four (4) times a year on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Dates for Going Deeper can be found on the Staff CalendarGoing Deeper will allow a Tri-Life graduate to have a four-hour floorwork session with either Aldo or Maureen, who will be assisted by two steering committee members. This will enable you to do a four-hour piece of floorwork guided by Aldo or Maureen. The cost will be $350. The entire cost of Going  Deeperwill be due by or on the date you attend; payment plans are not available with this training.   If you are interested in this advanced floorwork, please note that space will be limited (only two participants per date), you should e-mail Aldo and Maureen at at your earliest convenience since it will be first come, first serve.
If we receive a large number of requests for Going Deeper floorwork, Aldo and Maureen will try to add additional dates to the calendar.


If you have ideas about what you want to see on TRI-LIFE NEWS, please email Cathy at