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Information about the world comes to us through our thoughts, emotions, and feelings in our body.  Life is thus experienced from these three separate but interconnected centers which constitute our Tri-Life.

The Tri-Life Leadership Training (TLT) incorporates the core concepts of collaboration, choice, and personal leadership.  Our  Training is based upon the premise that balanced leadership is a commitment to living in integrity with compassionate honesty, vision and purpose.

TLT is designed to teach you to identify and release the thoughts and emotions that drive your unproductive responses to work, family, relationships, and yourself.  As you learn to release destructive thoughts and emotions, you liberate yourself from their control on your life.  TLT is designed to be a first step along a path that leads you to increased self-awareness, more choice of action, and greater peace of mind: a balanced Tri-Life.


Expanded Self Awareness
• Leadership begins with changing self – it’s an inside out job
• Seeking a wider perspective, receiving feedback, asking for help
• Expanding the choices available to you – making authentic choices
• Finding and developing your voice

Emotional and Relational Intelligence
• Participating in a learning community
• Collaboration
• Effective communication and listening skills
• Developing self-expression – sharing your balanced self with others

Healing and Growth
• Resolving blocks that hold you back
• Learning to manage and cope with change
• Learning to Integrate and balance head, heart, and body
• Forgiveness – letting go of the past

Tri-Life–Balance and Happiness
• Living with a balanced head, heart, body and spirit
• Compassion for ourselves and others
• Appreciation, gratitude – active joy for what you have
• Development of Authentic Happiness


• Develop expanded self-awareness leading to wider choice and foundational to the formation of heart-centered and balanced leadership
• Develop emotional intelligence and methods for intrapersonal growth
• Find and develop your voice
• Identify and transform limiting beliefs and patterns to bring about creative and constructive individual change
• Develop deep listening skills and a voice that expresses personal truth and understanding of life
• Find and celebrate the power within self and other


The Tri-Life Leadership Training is an 8-Day Training that includes a 3-Day session followed, two to four weeks later, by a 5-Day session.  Two follow-up Focus meetings are also included upon completion of the 8-Day TLT.


The Training utilizes many different modalities including  brief lectures, group interactions and feedback, individual processes, movement, skill building, reflective writing, and individual and group sharing. The exercises are structured and paced to build skills and readiness for subsequent exercises. The emphasis is on accountability, collaboration, compassion, emotional honesty and physical safety.


TLT is a personal, intensive training designed for motivated adults seeking deeper understanding of themselves and how they can step completely into the power within themselves. It is the continuation of a lifelong process of finding meaning and passion and transforming these into action. It is an intense and liberating journey to one’s inner leader and expressing that leader in authentically connected relationships.


Early registration is encouraged as participation is limited (6-12 participants).  Tuition for the 8-Day Tri-Life Leadership Training is $3750.00  A $1200 deposit must accompany registration.  The 5-Day session of the 8-Day Tri-Life Leadership Training includes your lodging for four nights (double occupancy),  lunches and three dinners.  The balance of the tuition is due by the first day of the 3-Day session.  Refunds, less a $150 processing fee, are given if cancellation is received 21 days prior to the start of the 3-Day session.  Payments may be made by Check, Visa or MasterCard. (Surcharge of 3.5% on credit card transactions) Payment plans as well as early payment discounts are also available.   Ask your employer about company reimbursement.

Completion of a homework packet is required prior to the start of both the 3-Day and 5-Day sessions of the 8-Day Tri-Life Leadership Training.

Covid-19 policy: Our priority is to protect the health of everyone who attends TLT including participants and staff. Please click the link to our current Covid-19/vaccination policy. Covid-19/vaccination policy”